Gary Kott


Writer and Producer in Hollywood.  Peabody Award, Writers Guild of America Award, NAACP Image Award, two Humanitas Prize nominations, People’s Choice Award, Emmy Award nomination.  Writer/Supervising Producer of The Cosby Show during its five consecutive years of number one ratings. Writer of pilots, movie scripts, and other TV shows including Fame, Remington Steele, Hotel, The White Shadow.  Previous career: Madison Avenue, Vice President/Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather, copywriter, Young & Rubicam, wrote and produced national television commercials and print ads. Playwright: Stage plays appeared at the Actors Studio in New York, the Grove Street Playhouse, and the Santa Monica Playhouse. Artwork: Original works of sculpture and paintings shown at multiple galleries and exhibitions. Guest speaker: Museum of Broadcasting in New York and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Education:  B.A. Marietta College, Distinguished Alumnus Award.


The sum of the parts of my writing career have now been bundled together and shipped off to my alma mater, a small liberal arts school in Ohio named Marietta College.  Included in the painstakingly organized boxes are scripts I wrote for television shows, pilots I sold to various networks, movie scripts I was hired to write, produced stage plays, TV commercials and print ads I wrote, plus personal memorabilia associated with all above.  My hope for the collection was twofold: 1) provide students with access to material they’d most likely never have an opportunity to see, 2) to demonstrate that it’s possible for a student to begin life in a tiny midwestern town and accomplish something in the creative world.


I figured that my collection would end up somewhere in the Mass Communication building.  Instead, it is now permanently ensconced in the Marietta College Legacy Library, Special Collections.  First drafts, revised drafts, final drafts, handwritten drafts, VHS tapes, rough cuts from programs such as The Cosby Show, Remington Steele, The White Shadow.  My collection is in good company.  Other documents found in Specials Collection include letters written by Daniel Boone, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln.  That’s correct.   Dan.  Ben.  Abe.  And me…  

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