Gary Kott

It only took me forty years to get back to where my successful writing career started. 


Specifically, novels.

In my early twenties I was signed by a famous New York literary agent eager to send my first novel, Noose, to major publishing companies. 

Things got going fast.  Very fast.

Soon I was signed to a Hollywood movie deal. 

Television shows (The White Shadow, Fame, Remington Steele).

Screenplay deals (Universal, Warner Bros.)

A mega-hit (The Cosby Show, 126 episodes, five consecutive years number one ratings). 

Accolades (Peabody Award, Writers Guild of America Award, People’s Choice Award). 

Toss in some stage plays (Actors Studio in New York, Grove Street Playhouse), television commercials (Vice President/Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather), speaking engagements (The Museum of Broadcasting, Smithsonian Institution).

I simply ran out of time to finish writing my first loves.

Now I’ve been dedicated to just that, book writing.

Forty years later, I think I’ve done the best work of my life.

Please, you be the judge.

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